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Need a shipping container for temporary onsite storage? Renting a container is your way to go!


Enjoy a flexible range of options when you rent a shipping container from USConex, we offer rent-to-own and short and long-term rentals. We will not check your credit score when we review your rental application despite financing. You can also hire a container for 1 to 24 months if you only need it temporarily. 

Once you apply, we will review your application within two business days.  If you are approved, we will only need you to pay a one-time delivery fee so we can get you started. 


Despite many other companies, we do not ask for a security deposit so you won’t have to worry about paying so much upfront.  Just choose the right container and term that fits you best and fill out our rent-to-own application to get started.

  • 1 Year Term – Used 20ft Standard – $350/mo

  • 2 Year Term – Used 20ft Standard – $270/mo

  • 3 Year Term – Used 20ft Standard – $200/mo

20ft conex box for sale


You can hire a container from 1 month up until 24 months. All you need to pay is the round trip delivery fee to get started. Just choose the right container and term that fits you best and fill out our temporary rental application. Once filled out, we will get back to you within 2 business days.

  • 1-3 Months Term-Used 20ft Standard-$200/mo

  • 6 Months Term-Used 20ft Standard-$175/mo

  • 12 Month Term-Used 20ft Standard-$150/mo

  • 18 Month Term-Used 20ft Standard-$125/mo

  • 24 Months Term- Used 20ft Standard-$100/mo

rent a 20ft conex box

Regions we cover

We deliver in an area up to 300 miles around our depots

Northeast: Baltimore | Newark

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