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Cargo Shipping Containers


Find the Best Used Shipping Container for Your Needs at Unbeatable Prices

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US Conex offers the best prices on new and used conex boxes in Houston area. We have stock in three major conex depots in Houston and we can ship them to your location within 10-20 business days or sooner.  Find out our best deals requesting a quote.

Used Wind & Watertight Containers

20FT Standard Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

20FT Standard Used Wind Watertight (WWT) Shipping Container

Price $


40FT Standard Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

40FT Standard Used Wind Watertight (WWT) Shipping Container

Price $


40FT HC Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

40FT High Cube Used Wind Watertight (WWT) Shipping Container

Price $


Used Cargo Worthy Containers

20FT Standard Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

20FT Standard Used Cargo Worthy (CW) Shipping Container

Price $


40FT Standard Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

40FT Standard Used Cargo Worthy (CW) Shipping Container

Price $


40FT HC Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

40FT High Cube Used Cargo Worthy (CW) Shipping Container

Price $


New One Trip Containers

20FT Standard Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

20FT Standard New One Trip Shipping Container

Price $


40FT Standard Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

40FT Standard New One Trip Shipping Container

Price $


40FT HC Wind and Water Tight (WWT) Shipping Container

40FT High Cube New One Trip Shipping Container

Price $


*Please note price does not include delivery and may vary depending on availability!

used 20ft shipping container


A used conex container is all you need if you’re looking for extra storage! US Conex provides different grades of containers for different needs, and since purchasing shipping containers is sight unseen, we try to provide enough information for our customers to shop confidently. You can read our reviews or check out some of our recent deliveries on our social media channels and choose the type of container that suits you best. After selecting the size and grade of your container, you can check the price and find out the delivery cost by entering your delivery ZIP code in our quoting tool. Our agents will search our inventory of used shipping containers in HOUSTON, and will give you the total cost, including delivery to your location. For more information, call us at 1-813-393-1279 , and our sales team will be happy to help you choose the best option.


US Conex delivers more than 30 containers within 200-300 miles from HOUSTON shipping container yards. To schedule your shipping container delivery to HOUSTON or any other city within that range, you can give us a call and check out our current delivery time-frame. 

used 40ft shipping container

Local Economy of Shipping Containers in Houston

Houston has emerged as a thriving hub for the shipping container industry, driven by several key factors. The Port of Houston, with its state-of-the-art facilities and excellent connectivity, plays a vital role in facilitating global trade and economic development in the region. Additionally, the city's petrochemical industry heavily relies on shipping containers for transporting raw materials and finished products, contributing to Houston's economic growth.

The industrial sector, encompassing manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing, also creates a high demand for shipping containers.

The local economy of shipping containers in Houston has a significant impact on various fronts. It generates employment opportunities across different sectors, supports business growth, attracts investment, and fosters the growth of ancillary services. The presence of a thriving shipping container ecosystem in Houston continues to attract businesses and investors.

Looking ahead, the future of the shipping container industry in Houston appears promising. Continued investments in port infrastructure and technological advancements, such as IoT tracking and automation, will contribute to sustained growth. Furthermore, Houston's focus on sustainability initiatives positions it as a leader in eco-friendly container operations, attracting environmentally conscious businesses to the region.

Using Cargo containers for self storage in Houston

Cargo containers are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability, affordability, and versatility.

They are constructed with heavy-duty steel walls and advanced locking systems, providing unparalleled security and protection against theft and unauthorized access. Additionally, they are weather-resistant, safeguarding possessions from the elements.

Cargo containers provide ample storage space, ranging from 10 feet to 40 feet in length, accommodating furniture, appliances, inventory, or vehicles.

They offer flexibility and customization, allowing for efficient organization and easy access to stored items.

Modifications such as ventilation, insulation, and electrical outlets can be added to ensure that items remain in optimal condition.

Compared to traditional storage options, cargo containers are a cost-effective solution that provides excellent value for money.

They can be delivered directly to the preferred location, eliminating the need for transportation costs.

Cargo containers offer convenient accessibility, as they can be placed at the doorstep or preferred location, allowing for easy access to stored items.

Cargo containers are versatile and can be repurposed for various applications, such as on-site offices, pop-up shops, or mobile workshops, creating a cost-effective and customized solution. Additionally, cargo containers offer an eco-friendly storage solution by repurposing existing containers and reducing waste.

Houston map

The Role of Shipping Containers in Houston's Key Export Industries

Houston, Texas, known as the energy capital of the world, is a thriving center for various key export industries. Its strategic location, transportation network, and access to international ports have made it a vital player in global trade. Shipping containers play a pivotal role in Houston's exports, contributing to the city's economic growth.

Houston's transportation infrastructure is essential for moving goods from manufacturing facilities to international markets. Shipping containers serve as the backbone of this system, enabling efficient transportation by sea, rail, and road. With the Port of Houston being one of the busiest in the US, shipping containers are crucial for transporting products worldwide.

The versatility and standardization of shipping containers are key reasons for their importance in Houston's export industries. 

Houston's strategic location grants it access to extensive railway, highway, and waterway networks. Shipping containers provide a seamless connection between these modes of transportation, enabling businesses to efficiently move their goods across long distances. This intermodal connectivity is crucial for Houston's export industries, ensuring cost-effective and timely delivery to markets worldwide.

Efficient supply chain management is vital for the success of export industries. Shipping containers streamline and optimize the supply chain processes of Houston. Businesses can consolidate their products using containers, reducing handling and shipping costs. Containers also enable the implementation of advanced tracking and tracing technologies, providing real-time visibility of goods throughout the supply chain. This transparency enhances efficiency, minimizes delays, and improves customer satisfaction.

The efficient use of shipping containers in Houston's export industries has a significant impact on the city's economy. The export sector generates jobs, attracts investments, and drives economic growth. Houston has established itself as a reliable and competitive player in global trade by leveraging the capabilities of shipping containers. The seamless movement of goods facilitated by containers contributes to the overall competitiveness of Houston's export industries, making the city a preferred choice for businesses looking to expand their reach in international markets.


  • How much does a 40 ft container cost?

Well, you're looking at a price range of around $2000 to $3000. Keep in mind, though, that container prices can vary depending on where you're located. For a fresh-out-of-the-box 20 ft dry container, you can expect to shell out somewhere between $2000 to $3500. As for a spanking new 40 ft dry container, you're looking at a price tag of roughly $3500 to $4500. Just remember, prices can fluctuate based on location, so it's always a good idea to check with local sellers or suppliers for the most accurate figures.


  • Are shipping containers legal in Texas?

Yes, Texas permits the construction of shipping container homes. In fact, the state has a significant number of these unique dwellings.

  • Are shipping containers worth it?

Shipping container homes are a popular option for homeowners seeking cost-effective construction and maintenance solutions. These versatile container units can be utilized as independent dwellings or combined with multiple containers to create multi-level residences.


  • What Fits In A 40-Foot Container?

Typically, the household items from a two- to three-bedroom apartment, including a living room, dining room, den, and kitchen, can be accommodated in a 40-foot container. To ensure everything fits snugly, use bubble wrap and moving boxes for proper packing of your belongings.

  • Are shipping containers waterproof?

Shipping containers, when used for cargo purposes, are designed to be wind and watertight. This means they effectively seal out wind and water, providing protection for the contents stored inside during sea transportation.

  • How many years do shipping containers last?

Shipping containers are designed to have an average lifespan of 25 years, thanks to their durable construction for sea travel. Even after being modified into container-based structures, these containers retain their longevity.

  • How many lbs is a 40 foot container?

A 40-foot container has an empty weight of 8377 lbs and can be loaded to a maximum overall weight of 58823 lbs. However, the actual amount of cargo you can load may vary depending on any restrictions or limitations imposed by the shipping line, the nature of the cargo, and the specific details of the shipment.

  • Do shipping containers rust easily?

Corten steel — the material used in shipping container construction — is considered an 'Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel. ' That means it's incredibly resistant to atmospheric weathering compared to other unalloyed steels. But because it contains some iron, the metal is still prone to rust.

  • What happens to old shipping containers?

Whether they have made just one trip, or multiple sea faring journeys, at some point it will be time for them to be retired. After this many shipping containers go on to be repurposed for dry land storage or upcycled for use as portable buildings for all sorts of uses.

  • Are shipping containers reusable?

Shipping containers are strong, durable, portable, readily available, and customizable – making them great options to reuse as modified container structures.

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